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NRCC: A Bunch of "Dead Asses"

by: The Caped Composer

Wed Feb 27, 2008 at 8:56 PM EST

While all of us on the left rejoice at the NRCC's lackluster fundraising, and while most Republicans are resigned to the fact that this will not be a blowout year for them, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) is clearly not content to sit this one out, as he exhorted his colleagues to get off their "dead asses" and pony up for the party.  Boehner has a lot to be angry about, what with the slew of retirements, and now the corruption scandal surrounding Rick Renzi (R-AZ).  Apparently, Boehner has been urging Renzi to step down-- the one time he actually wants a colleague to retire, it doesn't happen!

Either way, seeing a Republican become this unhinged gives me a thrill.  It shows that they are losing control, and, if more of them start showing their tempers publicly, we can trot out the footage, and frame their entire party as foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic beasts.  And that, I dare say, would be a satisfying payback after their decades of characterizing us as effeminate sissies.  So, go on, Boehner.  Keep ranting . . . PLEASE!

The Caped Composer :: NRCC: A Bunch of "Dead Asses"
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Can Your Ass Be Dead.....
Boehner answers a question that's had me puzzled for a while:

Can your ass be dead if your head's up it?

Obviously his answer is "Definitely."

It's not too late...
It's not too late for a major meltdown in the party. The election is still 8 months away, plenty of time for the GOP to completely flip out and start attacking each other for their problems.  

What I can't wait for is AFTERWARDS.
Especially if we blow them out -- 30 states, 9 Senate seats, 30 House seats -- the recriminations within the GOP are going to be AMAZING.  Because there will be a huge debate over whether the party should move left or move right.  Whether it should oppose and obstruct to the death, or defer to the mandate the people gave the Democrats.  Try to gain some marginal improvements in legislation, or reject and campaign against it all.

And given the structure of power, it would take only about four Senators to singlehandedly opt for the cooperate option, even though the core of the House GOP will agitate for the oppose with total, vituperative clarity option.  So they'll go to war.

In particular, Specter, Snowe, Voinovich, Graham, Lugar, Grassley, Alexander, and Martinez are likely to want to cooperate.  The latter four somewhat less than the former four, but four (or less) is all it will take for any given vote.  If Specter Snowe and Voinovich choose to work with the Dems somewhat, the House GOP and the talk radio base will FLIP.  And it is going to be fucking hilarious.

I actually think the internal recriminations on their side might be so strong, that we do relatively well in the 2010 cycle as well.  Probably the GOP will choose two major issues to spike the Dems on, and probably they'll choose stupidly.  If they campaign on the wrong issues in the midterm and don't connect, then dude we are set for a while.  We could have a 1965 Congress on our hands.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I just like to make clear that the dividends of a landslide are enormous.  We need to work the Senate and House races hard, especially the create-stories-to-earn-MSM-free-media angle.  If we do well in Congress, the Senate especially... my mind boggles at the possibilities.

28, gay guy, Democrat, CA-08

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I like your optimism!
As my people say, "From your mouth to G-d's ears!"

In keeping with that line of optimism . . . c'mon, Specter and Snowe won't be in the senate next year!  They'll be in President Obama's Cabinet!

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It bums me out that I live in a prime Senate state (MN) but I absolutely hate Al Franken.  Would love to work for our Senate candidates but I just cant help Franken, and I hate to work for Obama, I like lower key races.  Bonoff has some problems to me and then there is Sarvi but I'm not driving 40 minutes to an internship...  So many great races around me, so many races I am not 100% fond of...

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What is it that spurs your dislike of Franken?  And, do you find that others around you share your distaste for the candidate?  I'm interested to know the word on the ground in Minnesota, to get a sense of how real our chances are there.  Personally, I can see why Franken is not the most galvanizing of candidates; for someone who has made his living as a comedian, he is surprisingly stiff on the stump.  Furthermore, his brand of humor/political analysis is something that people either love or hate, not a point on which people can be swayed.  At the outset, I was hoping Rep. Betty McCollum would jump into the race, but, when she didn't, I, along with the rest of the left-leaning community, had to settle for what we've got.  Of course, as a non-Minnesotan, I don't have the inside perspective that you do.  So, with that in mind, I'm eager to hear more of your insights.

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Carpet Bagger
I think most of my complaint about Franken comes from he is a carpet bagger from NYC even though he graduated from high school here (30-40 years ago) and has no qualifications besides a comedian and has done nothing for the people of Minnesota but entertain us are my problems.  I was an early supporter and intern and he didn't know anything about the issues.  He has since then evolved into a candidate knowing more than just the bullet points, which should've been done a long time ago.

I hate how most of his money comes from out of state.  Regularly doing out of state fundraisers is ridiculous to me.

I really dont think comedian past will be that great of a liability as compared to many.

I dont think he is running for the US Senate because he wants to represent the peope of Minnesota and he certainly would not be the best advocate for our issues.  I believe he is running purely to beat Norm Coleman and because he randomly decided to try his hand at being a politician.

Mike Ciresi and Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer are the two deserving candidates.  Ciresi is the best trial lawyer in the country and has done some great case work for Minnesota.  JNP is a professor at St Thomas (one of mine actually, which explains my bias) and teaches Justice and Peace Studies, has been a progressive activist for decades, ran against Keith Ellison for hte endorsement to Congress, and is the most knowledgable of the issues by far.  These two guys really deserved to face off for the DFL endorsement (old DFL guard vs new Wellstonian guard)and Franken comes in and tromps all over with his celebrity.

The one EXCELLENT thing about Franken, he is getting new people interested in politics, has a volunteer base that rivals any and all (will be extremely helpful in turning out voters for our state house races and CD3 and maybe CD2 races).  He outraises Coleman consistently and stacks up quite well with the Obama energy here in Minnesota.

I just dont see Franken as a leader on anything in the Senate.  He'll be a reliable progressive vote but won't be impressive.  Klobuchar has the seat till she wants to retire, Franken will be a nail biter until probably his 4th election.

McCollum will stay in the house for probably 30-40 years and get way up in there seniority and chair the appropiations committee, she really will.  She bugs me too, :)  lol, endorsed a guy for city council who I was working really hard to beat.

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He was raised in Minnesota.

Also, he has been politically active for a long, long time.  

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1965 or 1977
Only twice since the 1930s have Democrats managed to have the Presidency, 60% of the Senate seats and 270+ House seats.  Once was the 1965-67 Congress.  The other was the 1977-79 Congress with Jimmy Carter, 61 Senate seats (plus one Independent) and 293 House seats.

The Johnson Congress passed a load of core programs like Medicaid, day care, voting rights.  Carter's Congress was unable to add to the safety net or fix the energy crisis.  We are far better adding to our legacy and helping people than sitting on our duffs waiting for the next Republican Reagan and Gingrich to emerge.  They surely will not do nothing; they will cause harm.  Make the Republicans play defense.

There's an interesting sidelight to Carter and the election of 1976.  He carried 22 states, 12 in the south (all but Virginia).  Democrats controlled the House delegations of all 12 of the southern states carried by Carter (Republicans had a 6-4 edge in Virigina).  The overall 91-28 margin in the south for the House meant that instead of having 40 Blue Dogs we had over 100.  It may be easier to move legislation in a Congress with 265 Democrats than Carter 's congress.  As long as non-Blue Dogs gain a majority, we can build a legacy.  Blue Dogs tend to stifle legislation from both ends.  They are gridlock. (Gridlock beats a Bush rubber stamp any day.  As Hippocrates said, first do no harm.)

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It sounds very promising.  I think the only thing we have to be careful of is making sure that dems continue to listen to the people who put them in power.  2010 will be a very important mid-tem election too.  With reappointment coming, Dems have the opportunity to really change the district maps and for the better.  Dems can't get drunk with power in the next 2 years and start pushing agendas the people don't want.  We can lose this as fast as we won it back.  Republicans are a perfect example.  

I have looked at Ohio's districts and if they only lose one congressional district, I think we can turn two congressional districts from R to reliably D, turn two others into swing districts and get 3 force 3 republican incumbents into one district.

I think reappointment would provide us opportunities in NY, PA, TX, FL, GA, NC, OH, AZ, NV and WA. Each of these states are expected to either gain or lose districts and therefore forces the districts to be redrawn.  

Michigan needs to be fixed big time.  They are due to lose a seat or two I believe and they have more Repubs than Democrats!  When looking at the district PVI's, a lot of the Republican seats are +2 through +6 R while the Democrats are in the +10 range, very easy to redistrict some marginally blue seats.

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Even if a state doesn't gain or lose House seats, redistricting is necessary after a census to keep the congressional districts (and legislative districts) close to equal in population. Democrats in Virginia are looking forward to redistricting, if they can keep a Democratic governor and regain the majority in the House of Delegates in the 2009 elections (they retook the state senate in 2007).

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I think that's the most important thing...
...that once we do gain power we do not become drunk with it, and that we continue building a strong record of doing the right thing.

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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Well-Said, Glenn!
And I have great optimism in the growth of the netroots/blogosphere as a force that will help to hold politicians accountable.  Thanks to the Internet, We The People can speak louder than ever.  

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Dems can't get drunk with power in the next 2 years and start pushing agendas the people don't want.

I doubt we're in any danger of that...

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IL-14 money dump
Apparently the NRCC is giving a million to Jim Oberweis.  Even if the GOP holds this seat, that's not a good sign.

I agree.
Even if they win, they have lost because of the money they sunk into this race.

If they need to spend $1 million in what should be a reliably Republican seat, how the hell are they going to afford to fight for the 29 seats they have open in November? I can seem the Democrats not losing a single seat just because the Republicans can't afford the fight.

(I don't think that will happen, but it is a real possibility.)  

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I think Oberweis has a higher net worth than the NRCC (there's is only $2.55 million).  Maybe he should give them the million.

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