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Daves Redistricting -- More 2010 Data

by: dgb

Sun Feb 27, 2011 at 9:12 PM EST

Just a quick note to say I'm back from vacation and have uploaded all available states, except Oregon. [Update: and now, Nevada, too!]

That's AL, AR, CO, HI, IL, IA, MO, NV, OK, SD, TX, UT, VT, WA.

Beware: TX VTD shapes are over 18MB. In general it seems that the shape files are bigger for 2010. Perhaps they are more precise meaning more individual points.

Oregon: seems that the VTD shape files are not on the Census website where all the other states are. Don't know why.

There is still no more election data from the group of professors, and VA and MD have not been updated.

Texas: I looked quickly at the state population numbers -- 37.6% Hispanic; 11.5% African American. So, like, half the congresspersons from Texas should Hispanic or AA, right?

Have fun.

dgb :: Daves Redistricting -- More 2010 Data
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I just have to ask...
When will Nevada be updated? And will there soon be election results?

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to get greedy. I really appreciate all you've done so far. I've had fun redistricting New York (which I finished yesterday), and I'm working through California (now about 2/3 done)...

But I can hardly wait to do my own state! ;-)

Thanks for everything so far, and please let me know if you need help accessing Nevada election results.

Yes, Virginia, there ARE progressives in Nevada!
24, gay male, Democrat, NV-03 (or 04?)

I just finished my attempt at the California State Senate.
I should have the diaries up shortly and then will have Assembly maps up next weekend.

My blog
28, New Democrat, Female, TX-03 (hometown CA-26)

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I started downloading data for Nevada and somehow let it slip. So, let's say 20 minutes.

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Nevada is there!

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Does this include election results?
Or do you still need help gathering them? I'd really like to try drawing the 4 new districts soon, so I'm just wondering if you need help sifting through all the precinct numbers. (I know Clark and Washoe have had them up since December, and I'm 95% sure the other counties have them available by now.)

Yes, Virginia, there ARE progressives in Nevada!
24, gay male, Democrat, NV-03 (or 04?)

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Waiting of the profs
I'm waiting for data for the group of professors. They have some additional data for VA and MD that I need to add in and say other states are coming. But I don't know when.

If they lag way behind, I may consider taking data that folks like you can gather.


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Don't know if you noticed,
but Dave leip's Atlas has a bunch of states broken down at the precinct level for POTUS '08.  Could help with the data entry?

Election data
I'm expecting more from the group of professors. I'm set up to accept data in their format, so I'm going to see how that goes. If that doesn't work out, I may considering crowd-sourcing again. Thanks.

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Just a note of thanks
You have made a lot of nerds, including me, happy.

"Where free Unions and collective bargaining is forbidden, freedom is lost." - Ronald Reagan

Thanks for the data!
One issue I have with the application is that when I color one voting block, at least in California, it automatically colors other voting blocks miles away, making the district look discontinuous.

My blog
28, New Democrat, Female, TX-03 (hometown CA-26)

Issue with the special data
That's an issue with the special data. Essentially, the data claims that all those separate pieces are the same precinct.

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Hey Dave
Thanks for this. I wonder if you are working on a way to allows to toggle political and demographic shading without displacing our view of the already-drawn districts?  

Have not
I have a lot of other higher priorities and am working on a related project that's going to take a lot of time.

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Dave do you know when Oregon will be available?

I'll check the Census site
The problem was that the shapes were missing. I'll check again this weekend.

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