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Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri Primary Election Results

by: Crisitunity

Wed Aug 04, 2010 at 3:00 PM EDT

KS-Sen: In this social conservative-fiscal conservative battle for the soul of the GOP, 1st CD Rep. Jerry Moran prevailed over 4th Cd Rep. Todd Tiahrt by a narrow 50-45 margin. Each won big in his home congressional district, but Moran narrowly carried the neutral territory in between. This represents somewhat of a win for would-be rightwing kingmaker Jim DeMint, who endorsed Moran... over would-be rightwing kingmaker Sarah Palin, who endorsed Tiahrt. Moran starts as the presumptive favorite over Dem Lisa Johnston, who won her primary with 31% of the vote over publisher Charles Schollenberger. (JMD)

KS-01 (R): With the last poll of the race from SurveyUSA showing the top three contenders tied, Growther (and Dodge City-area state Sen.) Tim Huelskamp pulled away from fellow state Sen. Jim Barnett and real estate broker Tracey Mann, earning a more comfortable-than-expected 35-25 win over Barnett. Mann finished in third with 21. Huelskamp, of course, was expected to be the most conservative of the bunch. (JMD)

KS-02 (R): Great White Dope Lynn Jenkins survived an under-the-radar teabagging from Atchison-area state sen. Dennis Pyle, who unabashedly ran at Jenkins' already-conservative right flank. Jenkins gets her name added to the list of weak performing incumbents, at 57%. (JMD)

KS-03: As expected, faux-moderate Overland Park state Rep. Kevin Yoder easily clinched the GOP nomination for the seat of the retiring Dennis Moore. Despite having aligned himself with the conservative faction in the Kansas legislature, he still earned 44% in this Johnson County-based district, where the KS GOP internecine war has traditionally benefited Dems in the past up and down the ballot. Patricia Lightner finished second with 37%; Yoder goes on to face Moore's wife, Stephene Moore, who clinched her own nomination without much trouble. (JMD)

KS-04: RNC Committeeman Mike Pompeo easily secured the GOP nomination to replace Todd Tiahrt, scoring 39% against the pro-choice Planned Parenthood endorsed Jean Schodorf with 24%; she narrowly edged out Wink Hartman, who earned 23% and had seat-buying tendencies unseen this side of Meg Whitman. Up-and-coming Wichita State Rep. Raj Goyle - who lagged in an earlier poll - was easily nominated on the Dem side with 80% of the vote. (JMD)

MI-Gov: Given a pretty clear ideological choice, Democrats opted for the loudly populist Lansing mayor Virg Bernero over centrist state House speaker Andy Dillon, 59-41. Bernero, who trailed in most polls until the last couple weeks, benefited from a late push from organized labor. He'll face an uphill battle in November against GOP winner Rick Snyder. The sorta-moderate Snyder benefited from a three-way split among conservatives out of the four viable candidates. While it's nice to know that Michigan's governor won't be a nut and that Peter Hoekstra got sent packing, Snyder, with his moderate appeal, is probably the toughest matchup of all the GOPers for Bernero in November. (C)

MI-01 (R): This wound up being the closest major race of the night, if not all cycle. Right now, physician Dan Benishek leads Jason Allen by 14 votes, 27,078-27,064. (Our final projection of the night was for Benishek by 10 votes, so we were way off.) Assuming Benishek's lead survives, he'll face Democratic state Rep. Gary McDowell for Bart Stupak's open seat. (Also worth noting: that Inside Michigan Politics poll that we derided for its small sample size foresaw a tie for Benishek and Allen, so they can feel vindicated too.) (C)

MI-02 (R): Another close race happened in the Republican primary in the 2nd, to fill the dark-red open seat left by Peter Hoekstra. We may also be waiting a while before this race is formally resolved, as former state Rep. Bill Huizenga and former NFL player Jay Riemersma are both at 25%, with Huizenga with a 658-vote lead. State Sen. William Kuipers (22) and businessman Bill Cooper (19) were also competitive. (C)

MI-03 (R): 30-year-old state Rep. Justin Amash, a favorite of the Club for Growth and local powerbroker Dick DeVos, won a surprisingly easy victory in the Republican primary over two less strident opponents, state Sen. Bill Hardiman and former Kent Co. Commissioner Steve Heacock, 40-24-26. There's been some speculation on whether the combination of hard-right Amash (in a district that Obama narrowly won, and that's only elected moderate Republicans like Vern Ehlers and, going way back, Gerald Ford) and well-connected Democratic opponent Patrick Miles might put this race on the map, but, well, probably not this year. (C)

MI-06 (R): This race wasn't really too high on anyone's radar screens (we last mentioned it back in March), but incumbent Rep. Fred Upton was held to a surprisingly weak 57-43 primary win over ex-state Rep. Jack Hoogendyk, who was last seen getting badly pummeled by Carl Levin in 2008's Senate race. Hoogendyk ran on a full 'bagger platform, hitting Upton for his votes in favor of TARP, No Child Left Behind, and S-CHIP. Upton's performance certainly wasn't inspiring, especially considering he outspent Hoogendyk by an absurd margin. (JL)

MI-07 (R): Rooney eats it! Ex-Rep/'08 loser Tim Walberg handily dispatched attorney and Steelers family grandson Brian Rooney by 58-32 margin. Walberg will now advance to a rematch against Democrat Mark Schauer, who I expect is pleased by this result. (JL)

MI-09 (R): Ex-state Rep. Rocky Raczkowski won the right to take on frosh Dem Rep. Gary Peters in this slightly Dem-tilting suburban seat. Rocky beat ex-Rep. Joe Knollenberg's former chief of staff, Paul Welday, by a convincing 42-28 margin, meaning that you can add Raczkowski's name to the list of Base Connect clients who successfully withstood a well-funded primary challenge. (JL)

MI-12 (D): Veteran Dem Rep. Sander Levin easily beat back a challenge from his right, creaming term-limited state Sen. Michael Switalski by a 76-24 spread. Nothing to see here, folks. (JL)

MI-13 (D): Two years after escaping political death with her 39% primary win over a split field of credible challengers, Dem Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick finally bit the dust last night, losing her primary to state Sen. Hansen Clarke by a 47-41 margin. Cheeks Kilpatrick becomes the fourth House incumbent to lose a primary this year (after Parker Griffith, Alan Mollohan, and Bob Inglis), and Hansen Clarke, as noted in the comments by DCCyclone, is on track to become the first Democrat of (partial) South Asian descent to serve in Congress since Dalip Singh Saund in the 1950s. (JL)

MO-Sen (R): The teabaggers' last stand in Missouri (which went so far as to include their turning against their own spiritual leader Michele Bachmann, for her support of Roy Blunt) really seemed to go nowhere in the Republican primary, as their man, state Sen. Chuck Purgason, never gained any traction. Establishment Rep. Roy Blunt won ridiculously easily over Purgason, 71-13. Blunt will face Democratic SoS Robin Carnahan in the general election, in one of the year's marquee Senate races. (C)

MO-04 (R): Despite the local GOP establishment's preference for state Sen. Bill Stouffer, former state Rep. Vicki Hartzler emerged victorious from their air war, and won the right to challenge longtime Dem Ike Skelton by a fairly convincing 40-30 margin. If Hartzler's endorsements - including Reps. Marsha Blackburn (sigh of disgust), Virginia Foxx (evil grandmotherly sigh of disgust), and Jean Schmidt (nuclear waste-tinged sigh of disgust) - are predictive, we'd better hope for Ike to hold on. (JMD)

MO-07 (R): In the race to fill the dark-red seat left behind by Roy Blunt, the winner was self-funding auctioneer Billy Long. (An auctioneer makes enough money to self-fund? His company's website doesn't exactly scream wealth... or having been updated since the Netscape era...) Overcoming a late attack from the mysterious Americans for Job Security, he defeated state Sens. Jack Goodman and Gary Nodler 37-29-14. (C)

Crisitunity :: Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri Primary Election Results
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The MI-SOS official count shows Benishek ahead by only one vote, so I think we will be hearing about this for a long time.  Both Allen and Benishek have declared victory, so neither is going quietly.  This may be exactly what McDowell needs right now to gain momentum.  

16, Male, MI-01

He also needs to start
Raising more money.

[ Parent ]
So, based on my observations
If Benishek wins (as he's currently leading) does this race drop from toss up to Likely D?

Benishek vs. McDowell looks like Critz vs. Burns on steroids, IMO (same messages).

26, Male, Democrat, TX-26

[ Parent ]
If not "likely," at least a solid "lean"
If our guy can run as good a campaign as Critz did.  Of course, we don't want this resolved anytime soon.  Election officials there certainly should take absolutely as long as they need to figure this all out.  Hell, even take a vacation or two along the way!

[ Parent ]
It's sounding like Allen may not have the fire in the belly to contest it
He retracted his claim of victory, saying that his team had miscounted some votes in the Western UP. He's now saying he'll wait and see, weighing his options, before deciding whether to request a recount.

Meanwhile, Benishek says he won't drop out, not no way, not no how

[ Parent ]
So if the final count is an exact tie,
which seems to be a real possibility here, what happens then?
A coin flip? A do-over?

There was a tied mayor race somewhere once decided by a coin flip.

[ Parent ]
If Allen lives outside the district...
it means he lost because he (and presumably, if he's married, his wife) couldn't vote for himself.

[ Parent ]
Apparently I'm thinking of someone else. Never mind.

[ Parent ]
He used to live
Outside the district, he moved their to run.  

[ Parent ]
Dem Lance Enderle's write-in campaign in MI-08
to replace classic poop-out Kande Ngalamulume turned out to be pretty much of a bust--he got less than 400 votes, apparently giving Republican back-bencher/hack Mike Rogers a free ride in November.  Arrrghh!!!

68, Dem-leaning indie, MI-8

Were there a lot of votes thrown out ?
because people forgot to fill in the write in oval?  This happens a lot around the country  

Please donate to to help build more after school centers in the Miami area.  

23, Democrat, IA-2

[ Parent ]
I like Massachusetts law in the regard
You go by voter intent.  If the voter writes in someone's name, it indicates intent to vote for them whether they filled in an oval or not.  My recollection from the Franken-Colman kerfuffle is that Minnesota law is the same.

28, Unenrolled, MA-08

[ Parent ]
As long as it doesn't get messy, no lizard people in the write in while possibly voting for Franken LOL.  

Please donate to to help build more after school centers in the Miami area.  

23, Democrat, IA-2

[ Parent ]
I thought the Lizard People ballot was ultimately counted for Franken?

21, dude, RI-01 (registered) IL-01 (college)
please help Japan. click "donate funds" in upper right and then "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami."

[ Parent ]
It was ruled invalid as an overvote, because the voter indicated both intent to vote for Lizard People and for Franken.


28, Unenrolled, MA-08

[ Parent ]
Enderle with less than 400???
Where did you see that?  The only results I've found either list Kande Ngalamulume as unopposed (and don't give numbers) or just lump write-ins together.  But Ingham County alone had 1435 write-ins for somebody (plus a few hundred on the Republican side).

[ Parent ]
Indian immigration in the 1920s (and 30s)
Hansen Clarke, as noted in the comments by DCCyclone, is on track to become the first Democrat of (partial) South Asian descent to serve in Congress since Dalip Singh Saund in the 1950s. (JL)

Hansen Clarke's grandfather was a Bengali muslim who came to this country in the 1920s.

Chances are very high that he came to the country illegally. Bengali lascars occasionally went overboard and disappeared in the metropolis of NY. I have read about this although I cannot cite a reference right now.

Kumar Barve's grandfather was an engineer and managed to get in legally (even then a difficult process). Probability of Bengali Muslims studying engineering in 1920s is not high either.

Please note
that I am not trying to stoke up anti-immigrant sentiments. This is just a recollection of an autobiography of an Indian I read more than 40 years ago who met some Bengali muslims in NY in the 1930s who had jumped ship. I no longer remember any details about the writer.

[ Parent ]
When did the US institute a proper immigration law?
I can't imagine too many Irish immigrants in the middle of the famine, for example, sending off for a visa.

Is it a WW1 thing, like drug prohibition, or was it in place beforehand?

[ Parent ]
IDK why everyone says Long is a self funder. He has not spent any of his own money on the race:

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