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SSP's Competitive House Race Ratings (2010)

by: DavidNYC

Wed Mar 31, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Likely D Lean D Tossup Lean R Likely R
AR-04 (Ross)
CA-18 (Cardoza)
GA-12 (Barrow)
IL-08 (Bean)
MA-04 (Frank)
MA-05 (Tsongas)
MA-06 (Tierney)
ME-02 (Michaud)
MI-15 (Dingell)
MS-02 (Thompson)
NJ-06 (Pallone)
NM-03 (Lujan)
NY-04 (McCarthy)
NY-09 (Weiner)
NY-25 (Maffei)
OH-10 (Kucinich)
OH-13 (Sutton)
OR-01 (Wu)
OR-04 (DeFazio)
PA-17 (Holden)
TN-05 (Cooper)
TX-25 (Doggett)
UT-02 (Matheson)
WA-06 (Dicks)
WA-09 (Smith)
WV-03 (Rahall)
CA-47 (Sanchez)
CO-07 (Perlmutter)
CT-04 (Himes)
CT-05 (Murphy)
IA-01 (Braley)
IA-02 (Loebsack)
KY-03 (Yarmuth)
KY-06 (Chandler)
LA-02 (Cao)
ME-01 (Pingree)
MI-09 (Peters)
MN-01 (Walz)
MN-08 (Oberstar)
MO-03 (Carnahan)
NC-02 (Etheridge)
NC-07 (McIntyre)
NC-11 (Shuler)
NJ-12 (Holt)
NY-01 (Bishop)
NY-13 (McMahon)
NY-22 (Hinchey)
PA-04 (Altmire)
PA-12 (Critz)
RI-01 (OPEN)
TX-27 (Ortiz)
WI-03 (Kind)
AL-02 (Bright)
AZ-05 (Mitchell)
AZ-07 (Grijalva)
AZ-08 (Giffords)
CA-11 (McNerney)
CA-20 (Costa)
CO-03 (Salazar)
FL-22 (Klein)
FL-25 (OPEN)
GA-02 (Bishop)
HI-01 (Djou)
IA-03 (Boswell)
ID-01 (Minnick)
IL-10 (OPEN)
IL-14 (Foster)
IL-17 (Hare)
IN-02 (Donnelly)
IN-09 (Hill)
MA-10 (OPEN)
MD-01 (Kratovil)
MI-07 (Schauer)
MO-04 (Skelton)
MS-01 (Childers)
MS-04 (Taylor)
NC-08 (Kissell)
ND-AL (Pomeroy)
NH-02 (OPEN)
NJ-03 (Adler)
NM-01 (Heinrich)
NM-02 (Teague)
NV-03 (Titus)
NY-19 (Hall)
NY-20 (Murphy)
NY-23 (Owens)
NY-24 (Arcuri)
OH-06 (Wilson)
OH-16 (Boccieri)
OH-18 (Space)
OR-05 (Schrader)
PA-07 (OPEN)
PA-08 (Murphy)
PA-10 (Carney)
PA-11 (Kanjorski)
SC-05 (Spratt)
SD-AL (Herseth Sandlin)
TN-04 (Davis)
TX-23 (Rodriguez)
VA-02 (Nye)
VA-05 (Perriello)
VA-09 (Boucher)
VA-11 (Connolly)
WA-02 (Larsen)
WI-08 (Kagen)
WV-01 (OPEN)
AR-01 (OPEN)
AZ-01 (Kirkpatrick)
AZ-03 (OPEN)
CA-03 (Lungren)
CO-04 (Markey)
FL-02 (Boyd)
FL-08 (Grayson)
FL-12 (OPEN)
FL-24 (Kosmas)
GA-08 (Marshall)
IL-11 (Halvorson)
MI-01 (OPEN)
NH-01 (Shea-Porter)
OH-01 (Driehaus)
OH-15 (Kilroy)
PA-03 (Dahlkemper)
PA-06 (Gerlach)
PA-15 (Dent)
TX-17 (Edwards)
WA-03 (OPEN)
WA-08 (Reichert)
WI-07 (OPEN)
AL-05 (OPEN)
AR-02 (OPEN)
CA-44 (Calvert)
CA-45 (Bono Mack)
IN-08 (OPEN)
KS-03 (OPEN)
KS-04 (OPEN)
MN-06 (Bachmann)
NE-02 (Terry)
SC-02 (Wilson)
TN-08 (OPEN)
26 D, 0 R 25 D, 2 R 51 D, 3 R 16 D, 6 R 4 D, 7 R

Safe R:

     LA-03 (OPEN)
     NY-29 (OPEN)
     TN-06 (OPEN)

Last Updated: Nov. 2, 2010 at 8:15 AM

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DavidNYC :: SSP's Competitive House Race Ratings (2010)
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