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2Q Fundraising Reports Roundup

by: James L.

Wed Jul 08, 2009 at 12:42 AM EDT

A sampling of fundraising reports from across the nation... on your station:

     Charlie Crist (R): $3M raised

     Marco Rubio (R): $340K raised

     Kendrick Meek (D): $1.2M raised

     Corrine Brown (D): <$5K raised

     Trey Grayson (R): >$600K raised

     Jim Bunning (R-inc): <$600K raised

     David Vitter (R-inc): $1.2M raised; $3.2M CoH

     Vic Snyder (D-inc): $0 raised

     Cory Gardner (R): >$200K raised

     Mark Kirk (R-inc): $580K raised, >$1M CoH

     Jack McDonald (D): $322K raised, $550K CoH; $634K CTD

If you see any other numbers floating around, please post 'em in the comments and I'll update this post accordingly.

James L. :: 2Q Fundraising Reports Roundup
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Link to my comment for GA-Gov

Follow the elections in Georgia at the 2010 Georgia Race Tracker.

Snyder will be fine. He's just like the Dems in TN that will never be beaten with their districts in there current form unless some unseen catastrophe happens. Otherwise I see him winning 55-45 even if French "Bush lover" Hill get's in.  

he spends his time in the
year before elections serving his constituents. he doesn't fundraise until the year of elections/

Call no man happy until he is dead-Aeschylus

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Yup, Rubio is a tea-bagger
Just look at his fundraising. Like a tea bagger he makes a ton of talk and debate and proceeds to do nothing. Being outspent 10:1 isn't going to get him elected. I guess tea baggers are as cheap with their donations as they are with their taxes.

Call no man happy until he is dead-Aeschylus

Jesus christ
Mark Kirk is a god damn machine! I wonder if he's prepping for something bigger or just replenishing the war chest for the next tough reelection

Looking at his donations from last cycle
He must be very popular in the rich suburbs. He raised half a million dollars from zip code 60093 alone (Winnetka, IL) and another $400k from 60035 (Highland Park).

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He is preparing for a statewide run IMHO n/t
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I have a question, would Mark Kirk be able to use the money in his congressional warchest to run for let's say governor? I've been hearing that one reason why Lisa Madigan is reluctant to run for Obama's old senate seat is because the 4.5 million she built up to run for governor cannot be used if she runs for the senate.

19, Male, Independent, CA-12

Federal funds ( Senate, House, President ) can only be used for Federal races. State funds ( State legislator, cabinent, governor, etc) can only be used for state races, and not transfered to federal races  

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Depends on the state
Virginia's lack of contribution limits makes it possible to transfer money from a federal account to a state one. See Tom Davis bankrolling his wife's state senate campaign in 2007, or Jim Moran writing a big check to Brian Moran this year.

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In Illinois State and Federal races are split - Kirk could use his house funds for a Senate run but not a Gubernatorial run.

2010 Race Tracker Wiki

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Not Exactly
While youre right that generally speaking federal dollars cant be rolled over to a state account and vice versa, there are ways around this, such as funnelling the 'unusable' dollars through the NRSC, RNC, etc., and then having certain things done on the candidates behalf that ultimately benefits the end goal office of which theyre running for now.  Happens all the time.

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Fair point I stand corrected.

2010 Race Tracker Wiki

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VA-02 + CT-Sen
VA-02: Glenn Nye's only announced opponent so far, former Virginia Beach Republican Party chair Chuck Smith, has raised $525 this quarter. No, that's not a typo. I assume they're waiting for a more viable candidate.

CT-Sen: Foley - $525k, Caligiuri - $125k, Simmons - "more than Foley", no numbers for Dodd yet either

Pike in PA-6 looks to be over $500k:

That would be very impressive.


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What's going on with Snyder?

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

Don't be too worried
Arkansas is still insanely Democratic everywhere except for president. Republicans were making inroads in the 90's by capturing the Governor, Lt Governor, a house seat, and a senate seat but Democrats recaptured all those positions by 2006. (Plus super majorities in the legislature.)

19, Male, Independent, CA-12

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Plus Obama never bothered to campaign there.
He might have made the state close if he did campaign there, and especially with Hillary. And if he had announced she'd be SoS, he just might have won it along with MO, WV, and maybe made KY and TN closer also.

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28, New Democrat, Female, TX-03 (hometown CA-26)

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I doubt it.
People don't vote for cabinet positions any more than they do VP.

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I know.
My thinking is that Obama saying that he would include Hillary in his cabinet would have sent those voters a message that he shows concern for them.

My blog
28, New Democrat, Female, TX-03 (hometown CA-26)

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Yes and no
If Obama had sent Hillary to campaign for him in AR, I think we could have made it close. He also could have used her a few more times in MO, as well.

As for announcing her for SoS, I'm not sure that would have worked. Plus, I think people tend to frown on premature cabinet announcements before an election.

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As someone stated earlier,
Snyder does not raise money the year before the election, only during election years. Snyder's view has been politicians should spend more time helping their constituents and not spend all their time raising money, so he limits the time frame he fundraises during.

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Oh, this is the way he does things.
And it apparently works.  Carry on then, Vic.

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

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Crist update, CT-Sen
Crist-4.3 million
CT-SEN- Simmons 750k  

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