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NE-02: Terry Still on the Hunt for "Obama-Terry" Voters

by: James L.

Fri Oct 10, 2008 at 2:45 PM EDT

Here's a recent mailer sent out by the campaign of disingenuous, unaccomplished GOP Rep. Lee Terry:

You might recall Lee Terry's almost-endorsement of Barack Obama earlier this year, when he said that his district was seeing a wave of "Obama-Terry voters", whom he described as "people who want the right kind of change."

Keep in mind that this is an R+9 district -- although one that the Obama campaign is continuing to target and one where the DCCC has booked $435K worth of ad time. If Esch wins here, we're talking about a big-time wave -- it might still be unlikely, but it's not nearly as far-fetched as it was a couple weeks ago.

James L. :: NE-02: Terry Still on the Hunt for "Obama-Terry" Voters
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I'm sorry
Did I miss something? I can understand Smith in Oregon touting his working with Obama... But have things SERIOUSLY gotten that bad that a Republican in Nebraska is doing the same???

I would have thought this type of thing would HURT a Repubilcan there. Is it possible that this flyer was specifically sent to Democratic and independant voters in the district? I just can't see this as being a district wide mailer.

After working on a campaign, I've learned how good campaigns are targetting voters by certain characteristics.

Regardless, this is pretty LOL worthy. Maybe we can get more GOP Congressional candidates to support Obama too. lol

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