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DCCC Spends $1.4 Million in 15 Districts

by: James L.

Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 2:16 AM EDT

The DCCC filed $1.37 million worth in media buys in support of Democratic House candidates tonight. Here's the damage:

District Incumbent Group Media Buy
AL-02 Open DCCC $91,520
AL-05 Open DCCC $60,700
AZ-01 Open DCCC $183,679
AZ-05 Mitchell DCCC $168,245
AZ-08 Giffords DCCC $58,462
CT-04 Shays DCCC $119,130
FL-16 Mahoney DCCC $91,081
IL-11 Open DCCC $40,953
KY-02 Open DCCC $88,977
LA-06 Cazayoux OPHTHPAC $49,163
MD-01 Open DCCC $145,851
MI-07 Walberg DCCC $63,040
MI-09 Knollenberg DCCC $47,392
MN-03 Open DCCC $131,894
VA-11 Open DCCC $80,915

Tonight marks the first time that the DCCC has aired ads in AZ-08, FL-16, KY-02, MD-01, and VA-11.

The lone GOP-friendly media buy comes from the bastards at the American Academy of Ophthalmology, which is dropping cash in support of Republican Bill Cassidy (himself an MD) in his race against Don Cazayoux. See you in hell, eye doctors!

But don't get the impression that this is one-sided affair just because the NRCC is holding its musket fire. Freedom's Crotch is up with some ad buys of its own smearing Democrats:

  • AL-02: $150,000
  • IL-11: $430,000
  • NJ-03: $74,000
  • NJ-07: $500,000

The Crotch is also spending an unspecified amount on NM-01 and NV-03. Ugh.

James L. :: DCCC Spends $1.4 Million in 15 Districts
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I'm glad to see...
The DCCC spending its hordes of $$$$ wisely. I'm still holding my breath (not literally, don't worry!) to see when the NRCC will make good on its threat to "influence 50-60 races". ;-)

Yes, Virginia, there ARE progressives in Nevada!
24, gay male, Democrat, NV-03 (or 04?)

"influence 50-60 races"
with $50-$60 each.

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

[ Parent ]
$500,000 in NJ 07?
I wonder if that means that FC is going on New York broadcast TV?  

Doesn't look like it
Roll Call refers to it as a "substantial cable buy".

[ Parent ]
Again with the eye doctors!
I get that Dave Loebsack's opponent is one of them, but why LA-06?  Is Cassidy also one of them?  Or are Democrats opposing some important eye doctor bill?

Republicans like to poke poor people in the eyes, which is good for business. ... At least that's my theory.  

[ Parent ]
Why AZ-01?
If there were major federal races in Arizona this year, I could understand it. But there aren't and McCain doesn't look likely to lose his home state. So why is nearly $200,000 being spent opposing a no-hoper like Hay who the NRCC won't fund?

Methinks the DCCC
is establishing their firewall first.

party: Democratic, ideology: moderate, district: CT-01

[ Parent ]
why is the DCCC still spending huge sums on AZ-01 when the Republicans have essentially pulled out? I just don't get it. Freedom's Crotch is going to spend millions, we're going to need that money in places that are close.

Define her negatively now
So that she becomes unelectable in November. Remember -- all of us political junkies know that Hay is a joke, but to most voters in AZ-01 she is an undefined unknown. The DCCC isn't taking any chances in a state where it's conceivable that McCain will have some coattails!

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