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NY-13: No Powers vs. Powers

by: Crisitunity

Tue Jun 10, 2008 at 2:51 PM EDT

Unfortunately, it looks like the vaunted match-up of Francis H. Powers (pere) vs. Francis M. Powers (fils) isn't going to happen. Those pesky Libertarians nominated Susan Overeem last night as their candidate in NY-13 in the general election.

Jim Lesczynski, a spokesman for the Manhattan chapter of the Libertarian Party, said that the selection of Ms. Overeem had nothing to do with the prospect of a highly unusual campaign pitting son against father.... "But the general feeling was that Susan has the better grasp of what it meant to be a Libertarian."

It remains to be seen whether Powers the Younger, and his large hair, will still seek the Anarchist Party line. (It's unclear whether the fact that the Anarchist Party does not yet exist will stop him.)

Mike McMahon remains the expected Democratic candidate, although that is subject to an August primary. SSP rates this race as a Toss-Up.

Crisitunity :: NY-13: No Powers vs. Powers
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If the Anarchist Party existed....
...its bylaws would require him to dissolve it before running under its auspices.

would they even have bylaws?

New Mexico politics from the local perspective.

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I'm more bullish
I call it a "Lean Takeover".

I fully agree!
to call this one a toss up is way too generous to the Republicans!

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Will Farrell in semi-drag
That's what Fran the Carpenter looks like.  Blades of Glory becomes ... I'll kill dad's story (cause he killed mine.  Wah.)

I say he looks like a washed-up drunken version of Meat Loaf

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Damn Libertarians
Damn Libertarians never miss an opportunity to screw up a perfectly hilarious election story.  Those people have no joy.

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