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MS-01: SSP Maxes Out for Childers... And Then Some!

by: DavidNYC

Thu May 01, 2008 at 10:00 AM EDT

I am as proud of the Swing State Project community today as I ever have been. Some time late Wednesday, we crashed past our fundraising goal of $2300 for Travis Childers. And as promised, I threw in my $250 matching contribution - though you guys were so generous yesterday that you busted right through my cap! All told, our take for the day was $667 - our biggest single day - for a grand total of $2585 from 57 contributors. I had set next Monday as our deadline, yet we've reached this point in little over two days. I am in awe at how deep SSP dug. Truly. You are mensches, all.

Though we've blown past our target, I do want to make one final ask. If you haven't given yet, or if you've just dug up $5 out of your sock drawer you didn't know you had, please consider making a donation. And here's why:

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the greatest secret weapon yet developed in the War on Republicans, the Trent Thompson 72-Hour Program!

Over the last year, you've all gotten to know SSP Contributing Editor Trent Thompson. Trent, as you may be aware, hails from Alabama, and he's the fellow who helped introduce us to Ron Sparks. While that race didn't pan out, Trent has been active in helping out with another campaign - yep, Travis Childers'. MS-01 is not far from where Trent goes to school, and he's volunteered there in his spare time. (He even dragged a carload of his buddies with him one weekend.)

Right now, Trent's in the midst of exams. His last one is on May 9th. Three minutes after it ends, Trent will be hightailing it across the state line to hook up with the Childers campaign once more. He'll spend every waking minute from then until election night knocking on doors, making phone calls, handing out lit, driving vans and - because he just can't help it - charming the local women-folk.

Now, Trent is a skinny bastard, but he does need to eat something. He'll also need plenty of Jolt Cola and some gas money. We're hopeful that the Childers campaign will be able to reimburse him - after all, it's not easy shelling out when you're a college student. So if you give today, your money will (at least indirectly) be helping to pay the way for a damn fine political operative (and blogger, I might add) to kick some serious GOP ass for an extended long weekend. Okay, so it's more than 72 hours - but that's a good thing! Seriously, when it comes to crunch time, Trent Thompson is the kind of guy every campaign wants in their corner. Childers is lucky to have him, and we're lucky we can help send him.

I promise that this is my very last nag for Travis Childers. We've all done our parts, and then some. But let's do one final burst for Travis - and for Trent. Thank you!

DavidNYC :: MS-01: SSP Maxes Out for Childers... And Then Some!
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They still make jolt cola?!?

26, Male, Democrat, TX-26

We special-ordered a pallett
For Trent, so that we can work him 23 hours a day while he's in-district. Drink up, son!

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There are Jolt Energy Drinks
Good stuff if you need to stay awake.  

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Big Thanks
Big thanks from all of us at Cotton Mouth blog and especialy huge thanks from all of the good people of Mississippi.  You guys rock!!  

Cotton Mouth

We still have time
why not double the goal?

We can make it.

You are mensches, all.
Considering this is a Mississippi race, shouldn't that read "Y'all are a bunch of Bubbas?"  

I think the gramatically correct phrase would be
"All y'all are a bunch of Bubbas!"

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