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NM-Sen: Chávez Attacks Udall... Again

by: Trent Thompson

Thu Nov 08, 2007 at 10:35 AM EST

Apparently frustrated with attempts by local activists to Draft Tom Udall into the US Senate race, Democrat Marty Chávez is back on the attack:

“This will not be a sweet primary. It just won’t,” Chavez said during a telephone interview. “The contrast in records between me and the Congressman won’t situate him well for the general election.”

In other words, Chávez claims Udall is too liberal for New Mexico. Nice to see the GOP talking points being broken out so early in the campaign, even before Chávez's potential primary opponent has made a decision about the race.

However, Chávez's attempts to paint Udall as a politician "so far to the left" clash with what he had to say about the congressman in a conversation with local bloggers:

“If you look issue by issue I doubt you’ll find much difference ... You will find that we will vote together almost all the time.”

Perhaps it's a good thing Udall is holding off on announcing his intentions; it'll give Chávez the time he needs to decide whether Udall is a "great congressman" with an admirable voting record or an out-of-touch liberal.

Trent Thompson :: NM-Sen: Chávez Attacks Udall... Again
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Mayor Marty is a schmuck
Yeah, I take a word from my father who grew up in New York and ended up in New Mexico :)

Seriously though, it sounds like Chavez means to make this a dirty primary campaign right off the bat. It's the only possible way he can even compete with Udall amongst Democratic primary voters.

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what exactly is his strategy here?
to attack a darling of the left and grassroots so if mayor marty SOMEHOW manages to get the nomination he'll have alienated the voters he needs on the left?  or is it to scare udall off and come out looking like a jackass?  i doubt it's that, because every time he attacks udall, it just gives his possible campaign credence and credibility.  why can't he just run for wilson's seat and keep quiet?  the seat is in his city, and evenly split between the two parties, as a "moderate" he'd be a perfect fit.

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I think his strategy is to raise Udall's negatives.
You can't win against somebody if they are 40-15 and you are 40-35.  (Approval ratings)  Especially if that is Democrats only.  I think he's trying to boost Udall's negatives. 

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Chavez is only boosting his own negatives

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Chavez Can't Make Up His Mind
I guess Marty Chavez tends to waver on whether Udall is "too far to the left" or not. In that recent "progressive reachout" call with myself and a few others, Chavez couldn't come up with any differences between his positions and those of Udall. Good coverage on this at local blog m-pyre at http://m-pyre.blogsp...

Looks like...
...Chavez needs to take a breather and stop being an idiot.

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